District 125 School Board Election – An Opportunity to Rise to the Occasion

For the the past 5 to 6 years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to be an involved parent at both of my children’s school’s. I’m limited only by the time required at my job and my gradual development of low tolerance for non genuine people.  I admit it’s a fault but one I’m committed to improving upon.

Although I would have much rather preferred to get informed about a local School Board election under more positive circumstances, I believe that this election; while very controversial; has caught the attention of a typically apathetic community. Me included. And let’s be honest, sometimes that what it takes for a community to engage and begin rational dialogue.

Every day I learn a little more and more about the responsibilities, various decisions and the extent of  time and personal commitments made by volunteer School Board members and candidates.  It can be considered a thankless job but I honestly believe that most these community members sincerely volunteer their time and their families time for a much greater cause.  Our kids and our community.  When the going is good, they get to sleep well at least one night but each and every day they wake up to the fact that the winds can change in an instant and they are required to answer to this community which isn’t always easy as many of us know.  While I may not agree with some of the decisions or tactics each campaign employed, I have nothing but respect and am very grateful to them and their families for volunteering their time, blood, sweat and tears.  Thank you for doing or considering to do a job most of us conveniently don’t have the time for.

I pray that not one of them have hidden agendas nor consider themselves so indispensable that they’ve forgotten their original reasons for getting involved.  I pray for their wisdom and discernment because the fact is their decisions will impact my children and I will not tolerate elected leaders with egos or personal missions to interfere with the success of all students.  The District 125 community is a melting pot of cultures and lack of respect for anyone despite religion, race, culture, or sexual orientation should never cloud our judgments.  Not only do we not have the time to waste on ignorance but at this point in time, we should have already learned so much from lessons past and yet here we are.   As a community we do have common threads that bind us.  Threads such as basic human decency towards one another, respect, accountability, tolerance, compassion and helping our kids achieve their goals without pressuring them, growing our community without compromising basic common American and human values and living fulfilling lives.

I want to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to all of  the students, families and community members of District 125 and it’s 7 feeder school districts for not doing a better job.  Yes, we’re adults but as you well know, while our intentions I believe for the most part are genuine and good, we’re all learning and adapting in this fast changing world.

This is a wonderful opportunity to rise to the occasion by collectively using our “critical thinking” skills, morals and values for something bigger than just this community.

Your neighbor,

Sylvia Lima


  1. Samuel says

    The reporter must have been so embarrassed that he had to
    backtrack- and report the actual truth of the matter.
    I honestly don’t know how he has a job-I have seen a few of his writings. If I worked like that (opinion and wrong info-when a reporter states facts and lets the reader decide) I would be fired.
    Karma bites.

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