Teachable Moment II – In what world is it right to exploit kids?

Students United for Stevenson

Students United for Stevenson

This Facebook chat exchange occurred February 24th, 2011 between a student  looking for the truth  & a student representing the Students United for Stevenson FB page:  The “seeker” in this exchange has many friends that are supposedly being targeted in this campaign and she doesn’t believe anyone has a right to discriminate against others.  She is an honest and sincere girl with a very open heart.  She is a Believer but she doesn’t allow other people or even dogma to cloud her thinking.

Read it, think about it and if you want, write about it. Bottom line is the kids are obviously being coached and even worse exploited.

FB Student representing Students United for Stevenson Facebook page
“10:27pm     Hello *******
10:27pm      hi! whats up?
10:28pm    I want to know your views on this upcoming elections for SHS?
10:29pm    well, I am running the group, so I think its pretty obvious where my vote is gonna be! :D  Is there anything in specific you wanted to know?
10:30pm    oh ok:) i was wondering, what candidates are you supporting and reasons why?
10:32pm    Well, Im supporting the incumbants. They’ve been doing a great job making stevenson a widely respected academic center and place of cultural diversity. Meanwhile, the opposition wants to remove any pro-gay groups, cut teachers salaries, fire gay teachers, and ban books. Plus they have wild financial ideas, that although ideal on paper, are not in the least plausible in the real world!(sounds like a campaign speech)
10:32pm    thats ok:). Um,where did you retrieve the evidence, that the opposers wanted to remove any pro-gay groups, cut teachers salaries, fire gay teacher, and ban books?
10:37pm    I have a bunch of letters to the school board written by the candidates and those who support them. I can email them to you. The ones I have talk about the newspaper’s prior review, banning pro-gay events, “preventing the school from being run by pro-gay activists” (which translates to firing gay teachers, and many other things. I don’t have all of that, but, idk if you know **** ** ******? Her dad is big in the school board scene, and he showed me a lot of papers that talk about banning books and other things more exclusively, most of these were on emails sent to the board and on a newslist the opposition has. I don’t have those physically on me, but if you want, I can ask him to get those to me. as for the emails, I posted a few quotes on the group, but there is a lot more as well
10:39pm    that would be awesome if you sent some of those emails to me to my inbox? :)
10:39pm    they’re pdf files, so I can’t copy paste them to facebook (I’ve already tried, trust me xD). do you have an email adress, so I can attach them in an email?
10:40pm    yes i do :)  its xxxxxxxxxxx
10:40pm    ok, I will send it right away
10:41pm    thank you so much for your time xxxxx  :)
10:43pm    no problem! Anything to help out with the campaign…its a very important one! Also, just so you know, the opposition has a website, voted125for125.com that has an faq, obviously they are denying that they want to ban the GSA, its a campaign and they no loner can afford to state the opinions that they held privately (atleast until elected), they do even there admit to wanting creationism tought in biology
10:48pm    ok:)
10:48pm    also, I sent you the email
10:48pm    ok thank you so much and again for your time:)
10:48pm    No problem. Just spread the word to your friends and your parents! :D
10:49pm    ok:) see you then xxxxx :)
You are not online.”

Again, when and where is it ok to exploit kids? I haven’t even tapped into when one thinks its justifiable to target families for taking a stand.  Or is it me but isn’t feeling the need to hire a political adviser for no other reason than to shut the opposition down? Depends I guess. But what if that political adviser isn’t even a member of our own community?  And is it possible to correctly determine who the actual members of a “Club” are and not be heartbroken and betrayed?

I got nothing.  I got nothing because it kills me to accept that this behavior is fostered, nurtured and instilled in the moral threads of a community starting with its kids.

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  1. Shocked says

    Wow. Parent’s must be so proud.
    When I was that age-politics were the LAST thing on mind.
    Most kids could care less! Sound like crazy parent’s agenda!

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